1. Johnson City Access Control Solutions

Access Control Systems from Overhead Door Company of Johnson City™

At Overhead Door Company of Johnson City™, we deliver customized access control solutions that fit our customers’ needs.

We are an authorized dealer for each of the brands below and have extensive experience in installing them according to the customers’ specific needs. Our expertise is unmatched in the Johnson City area.

Whether you need specification and installation of a brand new access control systems or service/repair of an existing system, our knowledgeable techs can effectively design and service a system to meet your needs.

Need an access control system for your Johnson City-area home or business?

A good access control system lets the right person in the right place, at the right time. At Overhead Door Company of Johnson City™, we custom-fit the latest access controls to meet the needs of your home or business, providing total security and convenience.

We've partnered with the top access control providers to deliver the best solution for your exact needs. These companies have applied the latest smart home technology to access control systems.

Provide Access to the Right People

The right access control system can ensure that only the right people have access to the proper areas of your business. Our solutions are scalable and can be set to create groups of users and assign their access points individually or by function/group.

And should something go missing or out of place, you can easily track who had access around the time of the incident.

Control Entry and Exit at the Right Time

If needed, the right system can even automate locking and unlocking times for certain doors within your facility, freeing the process of human neglect or variance.

Preferred Access Controls Lines

Below is a list of our preferred providers.

Please contact an Overhead Door Company of Johnson City access controls specialist before making any final selections. We'll be happy to design the perfect system for your needs.

Viking Konnect Access Control DeviceViking Gate Access Systems

Viking provides the most advanced solar-operated gate access systems in the world. They provide a range of sleek electricity-operated devices for all kinds of designs.

In addition to making some of the best swing and slide gate operators in the industry, systems can be integrated with a secure wireless control with the Viking Konnect module. This high-tech module pairs your control system with Android, Windows, or Apple devices.

Viking’s access control systems are corrosion-resistant, are top-engineered to withstand lightning strikes and electrical surges, and represent some of the most reliable systems in the industry.

Sentex Access Control ProCard SystemSentex Access Control Systems

Sentex provides cost-effective solutions for access control, including a comprehensive range of remote detection systems. These include CLIKcard, keypad, radio frequency, automatic detection, and telephone entry systems.

Sentex’s automated detection systems open your doors or gates automatically when your vehicle is in range. Vehicles can be fitted with a detection device, and the garage doors or gates open when the vehicle is in range. Ideal for situations where only specified vehicles have access.

Linear_Commercial_Telephone_Entry_SystemLinear/Nortek Security & Control

Nortek Security & Control, (previously Linear) offers a range of telephone, keypad, radio, and wireless receivers for access devices. Their devices are engineered for easy use and offer state-of-the-art features including obstacle detection and an extended range of up to 500 feet.

Nortek’s product line delivers top-tier solutions for commercial telephone entry systems.


Doorking offers a complete range of access devices, from simple proximity card readers to higher-tech electric and magnetic lock systems. Its readers have a 30-foot range, and its Automated Vehicle ID systems work at longer ranges.

An AVID system automatically opens garage doors when the vehicle comes into range, and a typical system places a unique electrically coded tag on the vehicle for user-free garage door opening and closing.

Ready To Get Started?

Get qualified access control assistance from the friendly experts at Overhead Door Company of Johnson City™.

The average tech with Overhead Door Co. of Johnson City™ brings many years of experience to the job site, ensuring you get the best service from a knowledgeable expert.

Don’t trust your security to a relative newcomer. Overhead Door Company of Johnson City™ has installed and serviced access control systems for over 30 years.

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