3 Keys to Make Life Better...with Preventative Maintenance


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Your garage door system can be a forgotten machine in your Johnson City area home or building maintenance plans, but preventative garage door maintenance can be a real budget saver. Below are three main ways a quality preventative maintenance plan can make your life easier.

What is Preventative Garage Door Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance service consists of simple checkups a couple times each year. 

During these garage door maintenance checkups, an experienced technician will assess the condition of your door, motor, and the mechanical parts that operate the opening and closing action.

If issues are found in any part of the door or system, they can be corrected quickly—and almost always before they become a major problem.

1) Garage Door Maintenance = Longer Life

Just like routine car maintenance—such as regular oil changes—you can prolong the operational life and performance of your garage door. 

By making sure all parts are in good condition and any service needs are taken care of, the door will last longer. You can really maximize the return you get from your existing garage door investment with a preventative maintenance service plan.

Knoxville-Garage-Door-Repair_Preventative-Maintenance_Overhead-Door-Company-of-Knoxville.jpg2) Faster Repair Service = More Freedom

Many small service needs that are discovered during a routine preventative maintenance service appointment can be repaired or addressed at the same time. Experienced and prepared technicians can quickly assess and make minor garage door repairs for many issues immediately—without needing to schedule additional appointments or make a trip for parts.

This benefit allows for less scheduling burden and time investment required by the property owner. More convenient and quick service means more free time!

3) Predicting Future Garage Door Repairs = Easier Budgeting

Another benefit to scheduling preventative maintenance appointments is the garage door technician can inform the property owners of any expected upcoming repairs or replacements for the system.

This provides the home or building owners more time to make financial and budgeting plans in advance. Avoiding unplanned major expenses provides an extra layer of financial stability and mental peace for owners.


Johnson City's Leader for Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Overhead Door Company of Johnson City's experienced team can provide inspections and tune-ups for your systems to keep them up and running as long as possible. Our preventative maintenance inspections can also provide better feedback on predictive repair or replacement timelines—so you'd be able to budget for identified upcoming needs instead of having to react to and fund emergency needs.

Contact us today to learn more about setting up a cost-effective preventative maintenance plan.

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